ROW80 Check-in

Progress made as of ten minutes to midnight, Sunday, January 8:

– Posted a book review: Berlin at War by Roger Moorhouse;

– Revised about 10K words out of planned 20K. The 10k words shrank to about 7K after revision, and I re-wrote about 2k from scratch;

– Read about 1/3 of the book, Harvest of Despair by Karel C. Berkhoff.

Conclusion: I should not put off  my work on the novel until after dinnertime when my kid is most likely to ask for help with his homework.

The part I am working on involves a mouth organ, also called harmonica. A Wehrmacht soldier playing his harmonica is an age-old cliche in the Soviet WWII fiction. Still, I went for it because a harmonica works well for the suspense in my novel.

For the purpose of my story, the design of the harmonica needs to be flashy and easy to remember. After shuffling through pictures of 1930’s-1940’s harmonicas online, I came across this album of Art Deco harmonicas. My favorites in it are:

Rosenkavalier Luxe made by Hans Rolz, Germany

Dinora made by Emil Friedel, Germany

I am inclined to use a Rosenkavalier harmonica because the initial owner of it is anything but a chivalrous Knight of the Rose. On the other hand, the female character who sees the harmonica later is very likely to remember the word Rosenkavalier.